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is packed wth awesome Digital Audio Workstations Like Ardour and Rosegarden, and even programs for beginners like Jokosher and LMMS. You will always have the right software to make the tune you want, all for free, right away. The entire package can fit on a 4GB USB stick.


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Included is software for you to perform your music once you are done putting on the finishing touches. For those of you focusing on performance, Mixxx is an awesome Digital DJ program that will be sure to keep the beats pumping, all from your. Download the ISO and get started now!

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was created to compliment a suite of USB Studios on a Stick that were released for the guys at /r/edmproduction. You can use it from a USB drive without messing with your hard drive, and even install it as your primary OS; it is fully-compatible with Ubuntu Linux.


Use UNetBootin to write the ISO to the USB Disk that you would like to use as your boot disk. With this disc, you can run the system or install it to your computer's hard drive as your primary OS. Just insert the disk, and start the computer.


Inside this package you get the complete system. Inside there are Digital Audio Workstations, Synthesizers, Trackers, Samplers, Notation Software, and even a few games to break up the marathon producing sessions.


Hi, I'm James Kegel. I made for some friends who did not necessarily have the money for commercial software, but still wanted to get started with music production without the financial commitment.